To achieve the AGI that can be our true “teammate” in work and life.

What we are building

Teammate Lang
Agile prompt development platform for production-ready GenAI Apps
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Teammate Aug
Serverless RAG development platform for hallucination free LLM Apps
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Teammate Intel
LLM observability platform  that traces accuracy & quality after launch
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Teammate Infer
Serverless inference API for open-source  generative models
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Teammate Eval
Real-time evaluation platform for GenAI security
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Our vision

We envision a society where the AGI seamlessly integrates into the social contexts of individuals, such as preferences and cultures, ensuring that every person worldwide can equitably benefit from its innovations.
We strive to be a company that responsibly sustains its contributions to the human socio-economic paradigm shift until its full completion.

Who we are

Founders & Board Members

Tom Ohtsuka
Co-founder, CEO & CTO
ex-Alibaba, Ant Financial, DiDi
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Kasumi Nogawa
Co-founder, CRO
ex-Meetsmore, H.I.S.
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Our offices

68 Circular Road #02-01, SINGAPORE


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